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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Student Counselling....

Dear Students,

                Now a days, it is very difficult to find a person who can help you to solve your possible problems. This is very specific and too difficult when a student is passing through his or her graduation or post graduation.

                 Earlier  a counselling concept is not treated with very much important. But the time going is very fast. It is very helpful and useful to have counseling session with mentor regularly. This has been accepted by today's world of education.

                          .......I will not say many more for this. I would like to come directly on point. I would  like to start a counselling/mentoring session service for you. If you want to discuss or finding any solution for your problems then i would like to help you in such all situations with my best efforts and full support.

            A student can approach me personally during 4-30 pm to 5-30 pm at college campus. in evening. You just need to inform me in advance so i can plan according to it. A day before you can mail me or call me so we can plan a comfortable timing for counselling sessions, also.

           This one is not restricted to a specific people any one can call me for this purpose.

          Please share this information to others also. May be some one is waiting for the same......

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Your Sincerely,
Manthan S. Manavadaria 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Finally, without any difficulty or problem...with lots of enjoyment and cherish ...a marvelous technical festival (called "TechFest" ).... with silent participation....with bunch of events...and a wonderful speech ends... with the day end of 15-September-2015.

PS: Ohh forget to mention Student's favorite "DJ NITE".....

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Industrial Training at GTPL

Duration:  25/05/2015 to 28/05/2015 and
                 01/06/2015 to 03/06/2015

Total Days: 07

Place: GTPL, Mota Bazar, Vallabh Vidyanagar

          It was a nice learning period. Seven days were gone very fast. Each day has new learning point. I am very much thankful to Bhaveshbhai, GTPL subsection leader, for providing such opportunity. On the first day he introduce me to Pintu (ROBOT), one of main technician, and told me that he is hero in his work, i have to work with him. And from that moment my work has been started.

          Initially, i have not clear idea how this fiber optic communication is useful in TV broadcasting. But now i can explain very well. The first we learn fault finding. As customer complain arise  local distributor try his self to solve problem as he got or not got problem he inform to GTPL control room. After that....photos will speak more than my word...

It is really a technical knowledge gaining training. I wish i will continue such training in future also. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Project done by the 2015 batch student

Title: DTMF technology to control home appliances
This project uses DTMF technology to control home appliances. DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. This DTMF based system can control home appliance via mobile phone communication from anywhere around the world.
This facilitates the user to operate anything on his fingertips. It requires two cell phones to operate properly; one of them will always remain in touch with the circuit and another to place a call on that phone.
In this circuit Relay-1 will work if we press “123”, “456” for Relay-2 and “789” for Relay-3.Now pressing the digits in reverse order will switch off the corresponding relay i.e. “321”, “654” and”987” will switch off Relay-1,2,3 respectively. In case we need to switch off all of them at same time then pressing “0” will accomplish the task. 8051 chips, especially AT89S52’s are not capable of delivering that much current which is required by the relay module to work. Thus using L293D which will enhance the current value as well as the voltage part because my relays work on 12 v DC. Thus using this circuit one can control at most 4 relays at a time by using single L293D.By pressing “#” you will accomplish the entering task. Thus every time you want your microcontroller to read any DTMF value you’ll need to press “#”.
By: Naimesh Vora & Pratik Rajpura

Title: Ultrasonic Radar System
The project aims to design and develop a small scale application working on the principle of radar. Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) emits radio waves which strike an object in its vicinity, within its range, and part of the transmitted waves are reflected back to the receiver. The receiver then measures the distance of the object using the time the transmitted waves take to reach the receiver after getting reflected.
This project uses an ultrasonic sensor which consists of a transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit. This sensor will be responsible for the transmission and reception of the pulses at regular intervals of time. The ultrasonic sensor will be mounted on a servo motor which will move from 0° to 180° and vice versa.  Both these components will be interfaced to a microcontroller (in this case an AVR ATMEGA16) and will be programmed in such a way that the sensor and the motor will work independently of each other. The data received by the sensor will be feeded back to the microcontroller which will process it and display it on a graphical LCD.
The primary focus area of this project will be to accurately detect any object and to predict its distance and direction. This project can have applications ranging from educational means like demonstration of the basic working principle of radar to small scale security purposes.
By: Saurabh Suman

Title: Laser Harp
As the title is LASER Harp which clearly shows that it is a sort of musical instrument. But, laser with harp is an unusual combination, here that is being combined in this project. Now, as we know harp is a musical instrument with multiple strings and each string is placed for different note of music. So by using LASER, here traditional harp is replaced by LASER Harp.
In laser harp a single laser beam is projected on glasses that are placed on same axis and at 135ยบ angle and also they are placed parallel to each other. Eight reflected beams of laser resembles of eight strings of a harp. The glasses are placed at a specific angle so that they are working as beam splitters. Now the light sensor (LDR) units that are placed for each beam, senses the light from laser and gives the signal to Arduino via analog pins of Arduino. Arduino gives signal to speaker, which plays the respective note that is having preassigned frequencies. When a beam is interrupted the respective sound plays.
For convenience and security purpose LCD is used at which the status of the harp can be observed. Harp is password protected. Ultrasonic sensors (HC-SR04) are used in this for different sound generation and sound mixing. Ultrasonic sensor changes the frequency of note by using the distance of object from the ultrasonic sensor.
This is a compact and modern version of a harp. This can be used in sound mixing, sound generation and many small musical applications. It can also be used for entertainment purpose.
By: Nisheet Patel & Akanksha Singh

Title: Android Controlled Robotic Arm using Arduino
A robotic arm is responsible for very complicated processes which required a rigorous and complex programming. We are electronic and communication engineering students and we have always caught our attention to this kind of projects so we have decided “To build a car having a robotic arm controlled by our mobiles using android software."This robotic arm is a little demonstration model so that some people might take this step to make this model with higher efficiency and more people would be attracted to buy this type of model.
Thus, with the help of android software kit and Arduino kit we can work on
this project by using cell phones having android system. A robotic arm is a type normally similar to the functions of a human arm.
Thus, in this type, the android software controls two things: A car and a robotic arm. To make software for android an application called ‘App Inventor’ is used. This arm will be helpful in carrying high weights which a human arm cannot carry.
We are using 300 rpm dc motors for moving the vehicle. This is connected by Bluetooth so we need to connect a Bluetooth module. Thus, from this project we hope to make some modified models to attract more people towards technology.
An Arduino board connected with Bluetooth module and deeply integrated circuits which is depicted later in this report. An android application which is GUI (Graphical User interface) connected with Bluetooth module is connected to Arduino board.
By: Divyam Shah